Construction Loans

Primary, Vacation or Rental Properties

Our Construction/Renovation Lending Programs are designed for borrowers acting as their own General Contractor or hiring a qualified builder to construct, renovate/remodel, or buy and renovate/remodel their home. Both construction, and permanent financing are available. Either a One Close Construction to Permanent Loan or a Construction Loan and separate End Loan can be arranged.

Construction Loans and Construction to Permanent Loans can be arranged from 100K to 10MM at industy’s best rates. Our level of service and experience begin at the application process and throughout the construction phase, until your home is completed and a Certificate of Occupancy is in place.

Contact us and get all the information tailored to your specific scenario. We will including rates of all programs and closing costs. Use this information and compare us to other lenders without obligation.


  • Fast pre-qualification, typically within 2-3 business days. Apply by phone or Online
  • Rates the same as conventional mortgage rates for fixed 30 years or ARMS at even lower rates for qualified borrowers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
  • Lowest closing costs in the industry
  • Never pay Points or Origination fee –only fee prior to closing is an appraisal fee
  • Loan amounts of $100K– 10MM
  • Loan amounts of up to 90% of the Cost of Construction including Land or Appraised Value whichever is less on single family, owner occupied, full income documentation loans.
  • Multi-Family Owner Occupied and Non-Owner Occupied loans available.
  • Land purchase may be included in the loan
  • 12-18 month construction term(longer terms available)
  • 15 to 30 year terms, Fixed Rate, Adjustable Rate Mortgages and interest only programs available for permanent financing (extended rate locks available)

Addition Advantage Options

  • Buy the property first and come back later for the construct/renovate/remodel to permanent loan. Never a prepayment penalty. Closing costs will be minimized when this is necessary for an anxious seller
  • Borrower can request to act as own General Contractor (no site supervisor required). Be sure to ask about the approval process for this
  • Flexible draw schedules
  • Interest only payments only on the amount disbursed and drawn down with flexible payment options after the construction term
  • Loan programs available to Borrower’s with less than perfect credit
  • All funding with a trusted bank